Frieze Art Fair in London


The well-known Frieze Art Fair is an international contemporary art fair that takes place every October in the Regent’s park of London.  Before I came to the UK, I know frieze art fair from one of my best friends who was learning fine art. With the feeling of freshness curiosity and excitement I went to the Frieze Art Fair with my companions, that was my first time to been there. The first feeling is shock when I came in to the giant exhibition hall, and it also can be seen from the long queue that people’s passion and pursuit on art.ImageImage


looks like the dry earth.


This is a gallery from China. I just saw this painting on the book.

Xiaogang Zhang is a famous Chinese artist who was born in 1953.His works sell for large sums of money both nationally and internationally. For example, his first painting “Bloodline: big family” cost 60 million and 20 thousand HKD in 2011 Sotheby’s HK autumn auction. Similarly, “Bloodline: big family 2” cost 50 million and 18 thousand HKD in 2012 Sotheby’s spring auction. “Forever lasting love”, which was in the April 3, 2011 HK Sotheby’s spring auction, sold for HKD 79 million and 60  thousand and is currently the highest auction record of the works of Xiaogang Zhang, a contemporary Chinese art world auction record. These examples show that Xiaogang Zhang is the most famous Chinese contemporary artist.

Zhang began the famous series: “Bloodline: big family” in the early 1990s and it has become his trademark style. At that time, the art market began to enter to China but it is very simple even naive. The people who engage in contemporary arts have no idea about the market until 1992. It’s the first time to introduce the art market to the field of contemporary arts. So this year is very important for Zhang to build his own image. The composition is a photo of a family and the baby on the picture is his brother. After he signed with a gallery, he began to draw some portrait experiments. Once when he saw his parent’s old photos, he was so interested about it and then he began to explore the new painting. He just used few colors to show others on canvas. For example, he only used red or even no color in his canvas.  In his work, Zhang makes clever use of shadows, blurred edges and watery eyes in his characters (Zhang, 2004). The characters often have identical facial features: single eyelids, face, the specific time the specific expression.

Zhang’s work shows the 50 years of life changes in China. In his painting there are same features hinting at the collective nature of the Chinese family and culture. For example, we are a family, in this family we should to learn to face all the blood relationship, including family bloodline, social ancestral, culture bloodline and so on. “Zhang uses a faint and subtle red line to link the personal matter together. He uses this method to reveal the suffering in this case memory, with a strange symbol of kinship red line to show common past”.  It is clear that the series wants to tell others focus about the particular history period the Culture Revolution which is the mysterious and new for young people. “During the Culture Revolution, Zhang shows that China evolved into a disturbing collective mob.”


For me, Frieze like a Gallery just keep for a week per year, I can see more than one thousand art works here from contemporary art to classical, from oil painting and sculpture to installation art all kinds of art forms and the collision of old and new ideas. That is indeed a feast of art. In my view, the art market is a trend and the normal and orderly operation of business rules will effectively promote the development of arts and culture. The Frieze Art Fair is such a typical sample. Through it we can see the development and the mode of operation of creative industry in the UK.


About me!

I’m Anna, come from China. I love dancing, swimming, traveling and movies.. IMG_0008


I graduated from Tianjin Normal University in 2003 and my major is accounting.


Actually, at first I apply for fashion & creative economy. However, the course director let me change to management & creative economy because my background is not connecting with fashion at all. Then I change it. When I went to Knights Park, I found this campus is more interesting.  So I’m a little regret.

This is the first time I leave home such a long time. I miss everything in my hometown Tianjin. However, I am getting used to life here. I got many friends here in pre-sessional course and main course from all over the world. Everything for me is new. This will be a new beginning with my boyfriend who learns fine art in UCL. IMG_0418

my dear family~



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(11 years ago“graduation photo)

My boyfriend! We have known each other more than 10 years! We were classmates in middle school.



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For me the biggest problem is language. Sometimes I can’t express my idea very well because of the language. Now, I still learning English everyday to ensure that I can absorb the new knowledge better.




This is me. If you want know more about me. Start learning Chinese now. Haha~~